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How to display your collection without being too stuffy?

Are you fond of collecting things? If yes, then it’s time to let your collections see the light of day. In fact, it’s time to spotlight them with pride without being too stuffy!

It’s the high time to highlight the unique qualities of each item in the group and many of the interior designers in Bangalore can help you in arranging them in a better way. On the same note, let’s take a look at some interior design ideas for displaying your beloved finds.

  • What if you present your collection as an artwork? That’s right–it’s time to mount up your treasures on the walls with the help of some great creative display techniques. One can use unfinished wooden boxes as shelves for keeping a group of small items, jars, vases etc.
  • Try mounting the collectables directly onto the wall with the help of poster tape, double tape and other adhesives creating a design out of them.
  • Nowadays, colourful and floating shelves are really in and are all that we need to make the pieces look stand out, which can be customized as per the requirement by the top interior designers in Bangalore.
  • Try displaying your collectables by grouping & arranging them according to different colours or maybe as per different shapes, size, and texture or maybe pattern.
  •  Floor to ceiling shelves designed by the interior designers in Bangalore gives a grid effect when lined up with geometric collectables, which gives a modern look when placed on white shelving in a room with colourful furniture.
  • Sometimes, a ceiling mounted display can even give a whimsical effect for example if you have a collection of umbrellas they could be hung from the ceiling to give a different effect.
  • Use of different containers and jars for displaying seashells, coins, sea sponges etc could turn to be a great way of displaying your collection.
  • Arranging things as per the theme or trait could be a great way to present your collection in a unique way and could add up a style to space and the same could be worked out by the top interior designers in Bangalore.
  • Store a collection of small toys in a clear box to display with a unique style and functions.
  • Show off the beautiful quilts on an antique ladder kept in the corner to give a colourful effect to space.
  • Create a high impact by hanging up the bottles, cups, mugs or other glass items to give it an all-new effect on your living area or maybe the dining area.
  •  Display your liquor and other bar essentials beautifully on a bar cart instead of maintaining a separate bar section.
  •  Create a large display panel of small pictures showcasing old memories and events.

Well, whenever it comes to displaying a favourite collection, don’t be afraid to draw inspiration from stores. After all, a display is the name of their game. Visit your favourite gift shop or boutique and note how merchandise is highlighted and arranged. If any of them can be adapted to your home then better to use & create out of it.

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