Interior Design Ideas for Living Room

Ideas To Upgrade Your Living Room

Are you a kind of person who likes to switch up the decor frequently? If yes, there are a number of Interior Design Ideas for Living room  that can be done to modify the look of a Living room without spending much over it. There are many interior designers in Koramangala who can make upgradation of the living room quite an easy task.

Some of the easy steps to upgrade your living room with little efforts are:

  • Change the colour palette: Painting is the most obvious task to give a new look to the room. It takes a limited time and a few bucks. Paintwork has endless options for painting the whole room in a single colour or a feature wall can be painted or you can paint some pattern such as stencil work, stripes, circles, chevrons etc. There are no limits to painting.
  • Rearrange the furniture: There is no doubt that the easiest way to modify a room is by moving the furniture to a living room. You’d be surprised to see what a big impact it could have without paying any extra cost.
  • Addition of artwork: By adding artwork to your living area a lot of impacts can be made. Even the wallpapers or fabric samples or even frames from the pages of old books can add up to the beauty of the living area. Many of the interior designers in Koramangala deal in artistic paintings, murals and much more.
  • Replace the overhead fixtures with the chandeliers: Upgrade your ordinary ceiling with the modern/classical false ceiling along with replacing the overhead fixtures with the chandeliers and make sure that the wiring is up to code. A chandelier can be easily available or customized with some of the best interior designers in Kormangala.
  • Let the light get in: Try updating the heavy curtains with the sheer curtains and the blinds. You’ll be amazed to notice how much more daylight will come in the room and not only that it will look more spacious. Blinds are comparatively less expensive than the curtains, which is a plus point.
  • Stack up the books: Instead of the books lying everywhere, they look good when they are stacked up properly in vertical/horizontal direction or may be in both the directions. To give a different look to the living area, books can be stacked with some inches gap between them and a few decorative put in between.
  • Invest in the antiques: Investing in one fine antique per room could be a good choice for upgrading the living room.
  • Showcase your collection: If you are interested in collecting different things you can showcase it in the living area with help of different partitions and divisions or you can get the divisions designed by the interior designers in Koramangala.

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