Throughout the project, we serve and full-fill our clients’ needs, co-ordinating with them. We keep a lucid sight on every phase of the architectural and design process, since each project has its exclusive arrangement and budget constraints. We are one of the best interior designers in Sarjapur Road, Bangalore.

Some of the steps Alur-Home Company pursue during the project

  • - Throughout the project, our co-ordination and planning provides clear attention to the time, process , performance, targets, and cost.
  • - Scheduling, Organizing, and Checking the materials that are delivered (flooring, timber, bathroom fittings, etc.).
  • - In the right order, ensuring the right people are on the site, to ensure the efficiency and minimalize the stress, and time taken.
  • - Manage the tradespeople (gardeners, builders, etc.).
  • - Being on a site often to supervise and make sure that they working according to the plan.